Welcome to the New Mexico Department of Health Cultural Competence Information and Education Center

Through the Education Center, the Office of Health Equity will provide resources that equip health care providers to provide the best care possible to their diverse population of patients and clients.

*Coming soon*

We are currently working on a new module, titled LGTBQ-Health and Advocacy.  The information that will be included is designed to be inclusive of staff in medical, public health and mental/behavioral health settings. The module contains a variety of resources including recorded trainings, videos and external links created to educate, inform, and improve service outcomes for LGTBQ populations.  

Free continuing education credits are available! 

Participants who complete both Health Disparities Affecting Sexual and Gender Minorities and Increasing Health Equity for Sexual and Gender Minorities in the LBTBQ-Health and Advocacy Module can earn 2 cultural continuing education credits (CEUs) approved  by NM-NASW or 2CEUs from the Office of Community Health Workers. 

Participants who complete both CLAS I & CLAS II can earn 3 CEUs approved by NASW-NM, or 3 Community Health Worker CEUs approved by the New Mexico Department of Health, Office of Community Health Workers.

For more information, email Rosalie Nava at rosalie.nava@state.nm.us or call (505) 827-2572. For technical support with the course please contact Dr. Rose Hessmiller (505 228 8806) or rhessmiller@fergusonlynch.com

    Available courses

    Welcome to CLAS I: Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards.

    This is a two part CLAS Standards course designed to prepare health care professionals and health care agencies to:

    • Address the cultural and linguistic barriers to health care delivery
    • Increase access to health care for ethnic, racial and other minority populations 
    • Understand health risk factors and successful prevention/intervention strategies
    • Provide implementation strategies to comply with the CLAS Standards

    Welcome to CLAS II:  Cultural Competence in Health Care.

    This part covers the role of culture in our daily lives and in our health, illness, and our perception of both.  After completing this training, you will have increased your skills and understanding of the following:

    • Importance of cultural competence
    • Cultural awareness
    • Diversity
    • Valuing and respecting cultural differences
    • Interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds